Top 3 Radon Test Kits

A do it yourself radon testing guide for homeowners. The top 3 radon home test kits are listed below and rated good to best, how to choose the one that’s right for you is listed below the product descriptions.

 BEST (#1 Rated)   Safety Siren Pro Series HS71512 3 Radon Gas Detector

  • Meets US EPA performance criteria
  • Has a numeric LED display screen
  • Short-term and long-term readings
  • Updates air samples every hour
  • Conducts a self-test every 24 hours

The Safety Siren Pro 3 Electronic Radon Gas Detector from Family Safety Products, as you have  seen on TV, this is nothing like a single one time use radon test detection kit: this digital radon gas monitor for home testing is a continuous radon tester that performs continuous radon gas measurement monitoring. The clear blue, easy to read digital radon levels display shows short-term radon levels as well as long-term radon levels. The #1 rated Safety Siren electronic radon monitor gives its first radon reading after 48 hours of continuous radon gas sampling. Rn210 (Radon)  gas in air or in your water is a  serious health hazard, resulting from deposits of uranium breaking down in the soil beneath your home. Continuous home radon monitoring is recommended in high radon areas or when radon mitigation systems are in use. These gas levels change day-by-day  according to humidity and season.  Numeric LED radon gas detection level display range: from  .1 up-to 999.9 in pCi/L. short term and long term readings. The short-term readings give a 7 day radon average. The Long-term readings give radon averages from the time the unit was powered-up or the last time it was reset up-to a 5-year maximum. The unit gives an audible alarm if the short or long-term radon gas display averages are greater then 4 pCi/L . This unit continuously samples air for the least little bit of radon.  It displays updates hourly. It has fail-safe self-test that runs every 24 hours. An error code will display if any test fails. It features a 4 function menu button with a green LED that  illuminates next to the S for (short-term) or the L for  (long-term) display reading . The user can manually push the button to test the detector operation.  Push button to mute or reactivate audible alarm when unit is in alarm.

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Better         First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit

  • Radon gas test kit
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Listed under the EPA radon gas measurement proficiency program
  • Includes all test materials
  • 1-year limited warranty

The First Alert radon test kit is listed with high rankings in the EPA radon gases (MPP)  measurement proficiency program and the test can be completed in as few as two to three days time. Included in this kit is the cost of the lab fee for an EPA listed lab testing and a return mailer for you to use. The test results are returned to your home via usps mail within 72 hours of the lab receipt, and include the recommended next steps you will need to ensure the health of your household.

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 Good         Jensen Pro-lab Incorporated RA100 Do-It-Yourself Radon Gas Test Kit

    • Safe and easy to use
    • Two detectors for accurate testing
    • Detects the invisible and odorless gas
    • Meets all EPA and state requirements
    • Standard lab results within 1 week

This test kit offers you a quick and accurate radon level of your home or office. The kit includes two (2) short-term radon gas detectors that can be used at the same time and 2 diferent locations . These two (2) radon test detectors will satisfy any real estate transaction requirement(check with your state to be sure). Extremely safe and easy to use for testing . This kit meets all EPA, state, and federal requirements. $30.00 lab analysis fee required for standard lab results.

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