radon-attic-fan Remember to support the plumbing in the correct places, if the plumbing comes up in a hard to get to area as shown in the picture you may need to plumb it over to an accessible place to mount the radon fan and fan supports. At this point go ahead and measure and align the plumbing where it will exist out the roof. The area where the radon fan exhausts must be at least 10 feet from the ground and 2 feet above any window, the plumbing must stick out above the roof at least 12 inches. You are now ready to purchase the radon fan, see our guide on radon fan selection; you can pick up radon fans from Lowes or the Home Depot for about $129.00 up to $200.00. In the early planning stages of the diy radon mitigation plan you should have picked out a spot to place the fan with an electrical connection nearby, if you have an electrical outlet box I suggest you put a receptacle there this will make changing out the radon fan in about five years a lot easier. best radon fan to useWhen installing the fan you will need to either buy a radon fan kit, which will have everything to install the radon fan, or you will need to purchase two fan couplers, you will not be gluing the fan to the plumbing; you use these couplers so you change out the fan easily. Don’t worry these fans generally have a five year warranty with them as they are run 24 hours  day seven days a week. Once you have the fan installed as shown you will want to insulate the pipe in the attic. This will reduce the sweating the pipe will do in the attic due to the cool air from beneath the slab hitting the hot air in the attic