DIY Radon Mitigation.

A DIY(do-it-yourself) guide to radon mitigation. DIY radon mitigation can save you thousands of dollars, the typical cost to have a professional contractor to install a radon mitigation system generally cost between $1500-$3000 dollars. After I received a quote from a professional radon mitigation system installer, ($1800-2000) I decided to install the radon mitigation system myself, costing me just under $300 dollars.

The actual quote below……

ASD & SMD System Installation – at above address (address removed)

Proposal is made for installation of an active sub-slab depressurization (ASD) system with three suction points; one in the main basement and one in each of the two crawlspaces through a 6 mil plastic membrane that will cover the exposed dirt area. Schedule-40 PVC piping is installed in the membranes and basement and will connect to a pipe that runs up behind the stairs.  Piping continues up to the attic space above.  A fan is installed on the piping and given a cut-off switch for servicing.  The piping continues through the roof and vents into the atmosphere and above the roof line.  A pressure gauge is installed in the basement piping to monitor system pressure.  All visible cracks and radon entry points are sealed with a polyurethane sealant as needed.  Curing of the sealant takes approximately 48 hours.

 Once installed, the system is checked for sub-slab vacuum.  System performance and guarantee is dependent upon sub-slab air space.  If inadequate suction (less than .01”) is obtained under parts of the slab, then additional suction points may be needed at an additional cost.

 Final testing by an independent third party testing company is included in this quote.  Testing must be performed not sooner than 24 hours nor later than thirty days from installation.  A test kit will be provided with the lab acting as an independent third party company.

Additional charges will be incurred for correction of wet basement conditions.  Water treatment and extensive concrete work are not included in this quotation.

ASD/SMD System Installation/Testing……………   …………$1,800.00-$2,000.00

 The above price is valid for 60 days from the date of this quote.

As you can see, thousands of dollars can be saved by doing the radon mitigation system yourself. After talking with the professional radon mitigation installer about the location and how I wanted to hide the pipes running through my house, I knew exactly where I was going to place the radon mitigation system. This is relatively simple for any do it yourself-er. Follow these step by step instructions. The first step will be to plan the layout for the radon suction pit, the radon vent piping or plumbing, and the radon exhaust fan. Planning and location is the most important part of radon reduction. Consider this when planning the radon mitigation system.